Welcome to dganit-shemy.com!   

     For now, dganit-shemy.com is just a blog about all things health and wellness;  a small site with a big vision!  I started GameTime because I have a passion for health and fitness and want to help as many people as possible.  In the near future, you'll find me blogging away on various topics, whether it's sharing common client struggles from my day job as a Fitness Professional (AKA Career Personal Trainer), rating the latest fad diet, or offering some simple advice to help you with your goals.


     It seems that with the current health and obesity epidemic in America, we have more "health gurus", "holistic doctors", and "fitness experts" than we know what to do with.  My committment with dganit-shemy.com is to offer sound advice either based in science or real world application, objective product and diet assessments, and personal answers to any questions you have on your journey to being fit and healthy.  I intend to create a website loaded with useful information that can be trusted for it's quality; the final stop in your search for easy to understand answers.

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     I indeed have a big vision at GameTime, and I intend to see that vision through.  You can always find videos, products, and advice on the internet.  Anyone who thinks they have something to say can purchase a website and start telling you how to get healthy.  I intend to develop an exhaustive database of video exercises with the same verbal coaching and cues that I use daily with my clients.  We will offer a list of resources for you to peruse, whether it's other fitness pros, products, or books, that you can trust is GameTime approved for the same quality standard to which I hold myself!  Who knows, eventually you might find some cool GameTime merchandise or even an App!


     All I hope is that you'll start following the site, sharing the blogs and conversations with friends, and hopefully learning some things along the way.  And I hope that as the site progresses, you'll find the additions useful and offer any feedback to help us be the best!